The Rock Church Kids

Making faith fun for your kids

As a church, we are always investing in the next generation, and this starts with babies and kids. That’s why making church safe, relevant, and fun for your kids is our priority. Each weekend, your children are taught about the Bible and the love of Jesus through practical, age-appropriate kids services. Our ultimate hope is to come alongside parents and partner with them to see a generation of children live out God’s remarkable purpose, even at an early age.

You can learn more below about our focus, and what’s available for your kids.

Here are a few things you can expect, and we promise to you.


Experiencing God’s love in a genuine way is vital for your children. Our leaders and volunteers all have a passion to encourage your children, invest in them, believe in them and show them that God’s love never fails. Loving environments inspire purpose.


Your child’s safety is incredibly important to us. With secure check-in and check-out systems, and a team that is thoroughly trained and immersed in a culture of safety and cleanliness; you can be confident that we have the wellbeing of your child in mind.


The lessons each week make it easy for your children to learn the Bible at an early age. Each lesson is biblically-based and tailored to connect God’s word to your children in fun, practical, and inspiring ways.


One of our favorite ways to connect your children to Christ is through music. Just like in our adult services, your kids will experience high-energy and passionate music that helps them learn and understand what it means to truly worship.

What is the mission of TRC Kids Ministry?

As part of The Rock Church, our mission and our set values are one and the same: Connect people (children) to Life! TRC Kids follow and project The Rock Church’s core values to little ones every day.

How do you instill the values within the children?

P.R.A.C.T.I.C.E.- The custom or habit of doing something. P: Protecting children with an uncompromising safety process. R: Risking failure through innovation and reinvention of programs. A: Affirming, honoring and valuing others through authentic leadership. C: Creating an exciting learning environment with excellence. T: Trusting God for the impossible, the unknown and the unseen. I: Investing in others through open and honest relationships. C: Coaching leaders to realize and fulfill their potential. E: Empowering leaders and children through active ministry opportunities.

Why do I have to check-in my child?

To aid parents, church leaders, and volunteers, checking in a child provides information regarding age group, any health concerns, and who is allowed to pick up the child after service. The Rock Church wants parents to feel secure entrusting their children to TRC Kids.

What time can I bring my child to TRC Kids?

Parents can check-in their child 15 minutes before service begins. Families who wish to stay for both services, are asked to pick up their child between services. Check-in and all classrooms close 15 minutes after the start of each service to provide the best experience for the children.

Who leads children in the classrooms?

Each classroom has a Director who oversees weekly operations. During each Worship Experience, classrooms are staffed with a Lead & additional Adult, Youth & Kids Crew Members to ensure proper adult–child ratios. Each volunteer, 13 & older, is required to have a background check and have attended The Rock Church for a minimum of 90 days. Volunteers should also be pursuing membership by attending our Make It Your Church Luncheon & signing the “My Church My Commitment” form. Each volunteer is also briefly interviewed before being approved to serve in TRC Kids. This interview is to ensure that every volunteer is serving in a classroom they enjoy & thrive in.

Special Needs

We believe that all children are a gift from God, loved by Him and cherished by their families!  We also know that each child is unique and has a special purpose and plan for his/her life.  Some of our children have a variety of special needs and we take into consideration how we can effectively engage these families and children.  We have a powerful opportunity to come alongside parents to help teach and train children in the love of Christ and love Him to their fullest capacity.

Our Special Needs class is offered at our 11am service, allowing the parents to have peace as they attend and nurture their own faith.