The Rock Church Men: Jack

Put Jesus, marriage, fatherhood, and career back in priority.

Cinch up your belt men; because we’re choosing to lead our families, our marriages, and our careers by honoring God and putting Him first. Instead of living unsatisfied, stressed out, addicted to unhealthy habits; we’re convinced that if we band together we can break free from commonality and conquer life together.

We call this community of men at The Rock Church; Jacks. Jack is a man’s man. Jack is a friend to many and remains loyal. Jack doesn’t just get by in the marketplace, but instead – thrives in it. Jack takes risks and learns from his mistakes. And no matter what, Jack puts Christ first in everything.

Hear from the men

How Can I Be A Jack

Connect Groups

We’re not just talking about men who get together and talk about their feelings. Think of Jack groups more like mentors and teammates who come alongside each other to help each other grow in Christ, and life.


A couple of times each year, we get together as a collective group for conferences tailored just for men. Whether that’s hearing from guest speakers, business leaders in our community, or each other; these days are designed to challenge us and inspire action.


Yes, bacon. Who doesn’t love bacon? If you’re a normal Jack like the rest of us, you like bacon and you’ll like these breakfasts we plan. The breakfasts are a chance to get together, get some grub, and dive into a short Bible teaching to help jumpstart your day.